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Larry K.

Here are a couple of pictures from my incident.  I made a fairly hard landing in the taller grass at the approach end of our grass runway and immediately a little smoke started to come out of the plane.  I knew my 3S-5000 MaH pack was damaged.  As it was a dry, grassy runway my first thought was of starting a grass fire.  I took the LipoSack and a pair of long channel lock pliers to the plane, extracted the now heavily smoking battery with the pliers, dropped it in the LipoSack, and closed it.   Smoke billowed out of the sack for quite awhile, but the fire and heat were safely contained inside the sack.  I could tell the intensity of the heat after things cooled down by the brown discoloration on the outside of both sides of the sack.  I’m convinced the LipoSack prevented what could have been a very serious situation.Again, thanks for a great product!!